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The wave of popularity of caravanning affects an increasing group of tourist. On the one hand, people really want to come back to nature, enjoy the "freedom on wheels" and once again reconnect with the incredibly beautiful world that surrounds us. On the other hand in the era of COVID pandemics the type of travel that allows us to decrease the number of people that we meet is also alluring.


In the minds of many people, campsites are still cheap, poorly developed places, without any infrastructure or attractions. Such perception is a huge mistake! Today, campsites sometimes even have SPA centers, heated swimming pools, tennis courts, full-size pitches, large playgrounds for children, restaurants, drink-bars and full infrastructure improving the comfort of rest. Lots are often equipped with outdoor showers, brick barbecues or even private toilets. There is no need to mention the power, water and sewage connection - this is a standard on most campsites.


Poland has a lot of undiscovered attractions. Our country has an ideal geographic position, offering many opportunities to spend your time and vacation. For lovers of a tan, the coast is recommended, for avid fans of water sports - Masuria, and for active walkers, the mountains. There is a well-developed network of campsites almost in all Polish regions. The map, updated every year by the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning is definitely an excellent starting point, helpful in finding a suitable place for you to rest that also provides a lot of valuable advice and information on this form of tourism.


Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning was established as early as 1964. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that popularizes camping and caravanning in the country. Here is the link to its official website: It is a social organization that is an advocate for the development of the camp ground and an organizer of camping tourism in Poland. Bringing together both the owners of the base and tourists, it associates their interests in shaping tourist traffic on campsites.


The camping base in Poland operates mostly seasonally, most often from the end of April to the end of September. In 2020, camping services were provided by a total of 247 campsites and facilities providing camping services. The Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning associated a total of 234 campsites and facilities providing camping services, which accounted for approximately 95% of the entire base providing camping services in Poland. The federation divides all the facilities according to 4 star marking system. In 2020, 121 campsites had a"star". The highest category **** had only 22 campsites, while the *** category - 32 campsites. Most campsites have the ** category. There are 42 of them, which constitutes about 35% of categorized objects.


The biggest number of campsites is located in the northern part of the country. They can be mainly found in the following regions: pomorskie, zachodnio-pomorskie and warmińsko-mazurskie voivodships. Two regions łódzkie and podkarpackie have no official campsites at all. The capacity of the campsites in 2020 was over 39,000 beds, including over 9,000 beds in the permanent base. The average capacity of the campsite in Poland is approximately 300 beds. Over 73% of campsites have also a permanent accommodation base. Over 95% of the campsites are located in quiet areas with very little traffic, which definitely allows to relax.


The largest Polish campsites in terms of capacity:


The largest Polish campsites in terms of area:


Importantly, you do not need to use your own camper, tent or caravan at the campsite. The possibility of renting mobile homes is becoming increasingly popular. The truth is, camping and caravanning are usually challenging and complicated only for the beginners. At the same time, the market is full of solutions that make things as simple as possible. Once complicated tents, today are self-decomposing and self-inflating "squares", ready to move in in a few moments. The motorhome is a real "fairy tale" - you drive up to the place and it's ready. Sure, you can put up the awning, floor, tables and chairs. But even without it, you will quickly "catch" the atmosphere.


In 2020 Poland was visited by campers from 30 various countries. Poland is the most popular among German, French and Benelux countries campers. Still, we are happy to say that Polish campsites hosted also guests from such distant countries as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA, South Africa, Brazil or Israel. We greatly also invite tourist from other countries.


Apart from the obvious pluses of camping and caravanning connected with enjoying nature, in the current pandemic situation, camping tourism turns out to be the safest form of recreation. It allows tourists, especially those staying overnight on campsites in their own campers or caravans; residing on dedicated plots without direct contact with other tourists. This is why we heartily recommend this form of tourism. ITS Poland specializes in organizing sightseeing of local attractions to groups staying at Polish campsites. We propose searching interesting attractions on regional maps on our website and then designing with our group specialists dedicated sightseeing programs. Our professional group coordinators specialize in organizing trips to all the attractions mentioned there and will happily help you to organize worth taking trip to Poland.


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Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date 1.03.2021