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Michelin guide is renowned worldwide for its revered star-system. It already has tradition going back 100 years. The iconic red guide is a trend setter every year to the very best restaurants in a given location. Krakow is not an exception to this rule. As this year we have celebrated first star Krakow restaurant (up till now only Warsaw restaurants had it in Poland), ITS Poland DMC wants to tell you a little bit more about the restaurants from this prestigious list and the rating system itself.


5 objective criteria according which Michelin inspectors judge restaurants:


The highest rating the restaurant can receive is a three star symbol. Three star meal has to offer emotion. Every three-star restaurant has a very unique signature and inspectors here look for an emotional experience that is engraved in one's memory for many years to come. While a rating of one to three stars is most coveted by chefs and restaurateurs alike, what usually remains under the radar are the restaurants listed in the red book but have not been awarded a star. These places are recognized as establishments serving good food. 


Michelin stars stand for:

* High quality cooking, worth a stop

** Excellent cooking, worth a detour

*** Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey  


Restaurant inspectors do not look at the interior decor, table setting or service quality when awarding stars, these are instead indicated by the number of 'covers' it receives, represented by the fork and spoon symbol.


Number of fork and spoon symbols:

1 Quite comfortable

2 Comfortable

3 Very comfortable

4 Top class comfort

5 Luxury in traditional style


Not quite a star, but most definitely not a consolation prize, the Bib Gourmand - named after Bibendum, the friendly Michelin Man and the official company mascot for the Michelin Group - is a just-as-esteemed rating that recognizes friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices. In 1997, the Bib Gourmand symbol - the image of the Michelin Man licking his lips - was debuted in the MICHELIN Guide for the first time. Since then, Bibendum has become a well-loved beacon for value-seeking diners looking out for good deals.


Another symbol is the Plate Michelin. In the 2016 edition of the Paris guide, a brand new L’assiette or The Plate symbol was launched to recognize restaurants that 'simply serve good food'. They use fresh ingredients and are carefully prepared. They just serve good meal.


So getting back to Krakow there are currently (December 2020) 19 establishments from Krakow enlisted at the prestigious Michelin guide list.

There is one, one star restaurant:

Bottigliera 1881 

It is situated at bohemian Kazimierz district in Kraków at 5 Bocheńska 5 Street about 450 m from the Old Synagogue. Bottiglieria 1881 would not have been created without the passion for wine. It is not only a restaurant but also a winery. It had its opening in 2013. The restaurant offer includes several hundred wines of varied taste and aroma - from the classic and simple ones to the more sophisticated ones chosen and taken care of by professional sommeliers. Bottigliera 1881 stores wine in special conditions - at a constant temperature and an appropriate level of humidity. They make every possible effort so that the guests can taste wine with an undisturbed aroma. The visit in Bottigliera 1881 is a true culinary experience. The dishes are prepared in front of guests and refined in every way. The cuisine is a feast of tastes, distinctive combinations and diversity of structures. The chefs ensure the visual side of the dishes, that is why they look like masterpieces. They are a feast for all senses, including the artistic one. Behind all this stands a creative and committed team. The restaurant can host an event for maximum 28 guests.


There are 2 Bib Gourmand restaurants:


It is located at 34 Józefa Street in Cracow and it offers French cuisine. It is a lively bistro in a corner spot on a pleasant square. The guide advises to ask for a table in the attractive cellar, with its pleasing mix of French memorabilia and brick and stone walls. Gutsy, generously sized, great value Gallic dishes range from quiches and gratins to pork neck and beef Bourguignon.


The restaurant is situated at one of the main Kraków’s Old Town streets Grodzka. It is located only 140 m from Wawel Castle. The inspiration for the creation of Fiorentina was full of Renaissance spirit, the capital of sunny Tuscany - Florence. The restaurant’s interiors combine the idyllic atmosphere of Florence with the dignified architecture of Krakow. Fiorentina offers what is the quintessence of Italian cuisine. It's dishes are based on the best ingredients imported from different regions of Italy. Fiorentina Ristorante Pizzeria received many prestigious culinary recommendations. It can host an event for 70 guests at a time. The restaurant has 4 chambers, the biggest of which can host an event for 22 guests. There are also 40 outdoor seating places. Fiorentina is one of the best addresses if you enjoy Italian cuisine.


The rest of the restaurants have received Michelin Plate Symbol: Farina, 3 Rybki, Pod Różą, Bianca, NOTA_RESTO, Szara, Kogel Mogel, Albertina, Enoteka Pergamin, Copernicus, Pod Nosem, Amarylis, Karakter, Szara Kazimierz, Hana Sushi, ZaKładka. When it comes to comfort it is worth to mention Copernicus as it is the only Krakow’s restaurant that has received 3 fork and spoon symbols. The rest of the mentioned restaurants has received 1 or 2 such prizes. Two fork and spoon restaurants include: Szara Rynek Główny, Albertina, Fiorentina, Amarylis, Bottigliera 1881, 3 Rybki, Pod Różą,



It is situated at 16 Kanoniczna Street only 100 m from Wawel Castle and 500 m from the Main Market Square. The restaurant in its Renaissance interiors offers Polish court cuisine in modern interpretations. Dishes are prepared with use of many refined ingredients. The interior of the premises is modern but also cosy. In three spaces: the main restaurant room, chimney room and patio; the restaurant can host an event for 60 guests. From the summer terrace (16 seats) guest can admire Wawel Castle, domes and turrets of churches. Copernicus Restaurant was listed in famous Michelin guide. It is a restaurant that you really should discover.


From all Michelin guide restaurants in Krakow ITS Poland DMC customers the most often choose:


It is located at 2 Plac Mariacki Street, only one minute walk from St. Mary’s Basilica, two minutes from the Krakow’s Cloth Hall. The restaurant offers Italian cuisine. The dishes are prepared in front of the customers in the open kitchen. The menu is seasonal and is changed six times a year. The dishes are prepared only from the freshest ingredients, without preservatives, food coloring or additives. Moreover, gluten free dishes are available on request. Bianca can boast amazing wine choice. The restaurant has seats for 58 guests. In summer it can also offer a garden with a view to the Main Market Square and St. Mary’s Basilica. Bianca restaurant is a perfect place for special occasion, dinner with friends or business meeting.

Kogel Mogel

Traditional Polish cuisine in a new version. Right next to the Planty Park in Krakow, one step away from the Small Market Square and St. Mary's Basilica, Kogel Mogel is a restaurant where the culinary art of Polish cuisine is presented in a different dimension. Here, where the interiors are full of Kraków embroidered bagels, where the painted golden plumage chicks bear golden eggs, and the impressive winery combined with the wonderful garden abounds in wines from the best vineyards of the world, you can taste traditional Polish dishes in new, unusual arrangements.

Szara Main Market Square

Szara Restaurant is situated at 6 Rynek Główny Street. Restaurant is located right in the City Centre on the Main Market Squere, 50 m from the Krakow’s Cloth Hall, 65 m from St. Mary’s Basilica and 1.2 km from Wawel Royal Castle. The interior of the premises is elegant and cozy with a beautifully restored gothic ceiling. The restaurant offers a mixture of Polish and Swedish food, delicious soups and great steaks to choose from. Szara Restaurant is a place with history, perfect for business meeting, as well as family dinner.


Krakow has many great restaurants serving both Polish and international cuisine. Still, Michelin guide is always a kind of culinary beacon for all gourmets and lots of group choose only Michelin recommended restaurants during their Krakow stays. We heartily join Michelin recommendations and warmly invite our groups to organize meals in these renowned places. If you would like to check the menus or prices of any of these, just contact one of ITS Poland professional coordinators and let’s organize together a real adventure to the symphony of the best flavours in Krakow.  



Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska