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Summer and hot temperatures naturally invite people to water bodies. Poland with the access to the Baltic Sea with white sandy beaches; multitude of postglacial lakes in the north of the country; many natural and pristine rivers and interesting sailing canals is a marvellous summer holidays destination. No matter, if you are more into sunbathing, swimming, fishing and relaxing or rather a sports fun; everyone will find some suitable option here for themselves. Check ITS DMC Poland suggestions for the best water activities.


Water activities in Poland recommended by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. Wind and kite surfing in Hel Spit
  2. Sailing in Masuria Lake District
  3. Dunajec rafting
  4. Kayaking
  5. Krutynia river boat trip
  6. Wakeboard and fishing in Szczecinek
  7. Paddleboat in Gdańsk
  8. Sunbathing in Ustka
  9. Diving in Deepspot
  10. Sailing on water and grass at Elbląg Canal


Wind and kite surfing in Hel Spit

Hel Spit invites tourists with active forms of relaxing such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. Every summer, Hel Spit is also a magnet for tourists from all over Poland who crave for sun and sandy beaches. Most of seaside lovers know tourist towns in Hel Peninsula such as Hel, Jurata, Jastarnia, Kuźnica, Chałupy and Władysławowo. Not all the tourists know, that apart from sandy beaches, this region also offers good conditions for the above mentioned sports. Recently, many wind and kite surfing schools and equipment rentals have been opened. The best surfing conditions occur just after the storm when the waves can have up to 2.5-3 m. Still, most of the time Baltic Sea offers lower waves which are ideal for all learners.

Sailing in Masuria Lake District

Masuria is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts. Due to the last ice sheet covering Poland during the last ice age the north of Poland is very reach in lakes. In Mazury Lake District lakes cover 7% of the whole area. Here we will also find two of the biggest Polish lakes Śniardwy and Mamry. Apart from them the region boasts the most famous tourist basins such as: Niegocin, Nidzkie Lake, Roś and Tałty. There are 2 700 lakes that are bigger than 1 hectare here. In the area tourists will also be able to observe the most interesting Polish mammals such as: an European bison, moos, beaver, deer, wild boar, hare, wolf, lynx, fox, and badger. In Mazury region there are many sailing trails, kayaking routs and trekking trails. All that thanks to multitude of lakes, rivers, streams and well developed network of canals which join the lakes into complex water network. The most popular resorts include: Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida, Mrągowo, Pisz, Szczytno, Biskupiec and Lidzbark Warmiński. Mazury is one of the most important tourist regions in Poland and worth visiting especially by water sports enthusiasts.

Dunajec rafting

It is a magical experience due to the folk character of the event and charming natural surroundings of Dunajec Gorge. The rafting season in this area starts on the first of April and lasts till the thirty-first of October. Still, as Pieniny National Park is greatly covered in deciduous forest, the best time to make the rafting is in autumn when colourful leaves create artistic landscapes. The journey starts in Sromowce Kąty and it can end in two spots. The option to Szczawnica takes about 2:15 h and its length is about 18 km, the version to Kroscienko takes about 2:45 h and its length is about 23 km. ITS DMC Poland rather advices the shorter route as it covers the most magnificent landscapes. River Dunajec cuts into the Pieniny Mountains at about 8 km distance. In this part of the range, the river creates very sharp meanders and slopes are as high as 300m. Dunajec Gorge is considered one of the most beautiful natural gorges in Europe.


Kayaking is very popular in Poland and is possible in almost all parts of the country. It doesn’t require much experience or stamina as the kayaking routes in Poland are very diverse and have various levels of difficulty. Some of the most popular kayaking routes chosen by ITS DMC Poland tourists include kayaking along the following rivers: Brda, Rega, Świna, Nida, Krzytnia, Pilica, Krutynia, Reda, Dunajec, Bug. It is possible to enrol on a day or a few days kayaking trips. The most interesting routes go through the most precious natural areas of national parks or natural reserves.  

Krutynia river boat trip

Krutyń village, one of the places where you can start your journey, is situated 21 km from Mikołajki (21 min drive) and 83 km from Olsztyn (1 h 17 min) in Masurian Lake District. Krutynia trail is considered one of the most beautiful canoeing and boat trails not only in Poland but also in Europe. The river along its course changes its character, crossing Piska primeval forest it is shallow and rapid, then it becomes a lowland river with picturesque meanders among shrubs. Tourists can admire not only the river and a wide variety of plants but also many birds. The trail also leads through Mazury Landscape Reserve. The whole trail has 116 km (60 km of which is stagnant water) and tourist need about 9 days to cover all of it in a canoe. The biggest body of water along the trail is Mokre Lake (Wet Lake) which is 8 km long and has the area of 815 hectares. Of course you don’t need to cover the whole river at once. Local companies offer a few hours, weekend and a few days trips. Campsites are about 13 km from one another along the whole trail. Krutynia canoeing or boat trip is unforgettable adventure and amazing opportunity to meet pristine nature.

Wakeboard and fishing in Szczecinek

About 70 kilometers from the sea, in the Drawskie Lake District by Lake Trzesiecko, you can slide on one of the longest water ski and wakeboard lift in Europe. It is a place where both beginners and professionals will have a great time. Lovers of one board, or wakeboard, will also experience many exciting slides here. Szczecinek is also a famous spot for fishing lovers. Here you can try your hand at such forms as spinning, boat, shore, ground and float fishing. There are over 73 lakes in the Szczecinek poviat, and their biggest concentration is in the vicinity of Szczecinek. The most interesting lakes are: Wilczkowo, Wielimie, Wierzchowo and Trzesiecko, located in the heart of Szczecinek. The most popular rivers in the vicinity are Gwda, Parsęta and Czernica. In clear waters you can catch: zander, pike, eel, perch and many other fish, and in rivers, additionally trout, grayling and sea trout, with which the fight guarantees an unforgettable experience. Lakes, rivers and forests are the main natural assets of the Szczecinek.

Paddleboat in Gdańsk

Renting a paddleboat or a kayak is an excellent opportunity to take a sightseeing trip around Gdańsk and the surrounding area according to your own plan. During such adventure tourists can see Gdańsk from a completely different perspective. The “Żabi Kruk” water point located on the Mołtawa River is an excellent starting point for canoe or paddleboat trips. You will not find a standard description of Gdańsk monuments here, but you will learn a lot of interesting things about the city that would be completely different without the sea and rivers.

Sunbathing in Ustka

Ustka seaside resort is at the top of all rankings of Polish seaside towns. One of the favourite tourist spots in Ustka is definitely seaside promenade located just by the beach and it is also an excellent place for long strolls, also very good for people using wheelchairs or families with buggies as it is paved. Another popular place for nice walks is the harbour with the new, modern bridge allowing to get to the other side of the harbour and town. Ustka is a really well maintained seaside resort with all necessary facilities and one of the widest white sandy beach at Baltic sea excellent for sunbathing and swimming in the sea. It is a marvellous spot for summer holidays and it is also tempting all year round with its modern hotels and spas.

Diving in Deepspot

It is possible to practice diving in many Polish lakes. Still, one place shines brighter than others when it comes to diving. The Deepspot, a diving pool, was opened in 2020, in the small town of Mszczonowo, near Warsaw. It is the deepest swimming pool not only in Poland, but all over the world. The Deepspot is a pool exactly 45 meters and 40 centimetres deep. It holds up to 8,000 cubic meters of water. What's more, the water in the Deepspot is warmer (around 32-34 degrees Celsius) than in other reservoirs, so visitors do not need to wear heat-insulating foam. The pool is intended for both professional divers and complete amateurs. Beginners have the opportunity to try diving or take the first course, certified divers can not only use the facility, but also train. The Deepspot was created for all people who dream of diving with equipment - Scuba Diving or Breath - Hold - Freediving. There is a glass tunnel for visitors under the water surface, where they can observe diving enthusiasts.

Sailing on water and grass at Elbląg Canal

Elbląg Canal is one of the most original tourist attractions in the country. It is also next Polish candidate to UNESCO World Heritage List. The length of Elbląg-Ostróda Canal with its tributaries is 151.7 km which makes it the longest navigable canal in the country. The common difference of altitude at water locks and ramps is 103.4 m. The highest ramp is Oleśnica and the difference of levels there is 24.5 m. At canal from Ostruda to Elbląg we can find 5 ramps and 2 water locks. At whole length of the canal tourist will find 4 water locks. The construction of the canal started in 1844 so it is a technical history monument. In 2015 a thorough renovation was finished. Tourists usually take part in cruises from Elbląg to Buczyniec or from Buczyniec to Elbląg (Elbląg is about 60 km 1 h drive from Gdańsk and Buczyniec is 95 km about 1.20 drive from Gdańsk). Such cruise takes about 4.5 h during which tourists travel by boats not only through water but also through grass fields on ramps. The cruises are organized from June till October. Elbląg Canal cruises are unforgettable experience.


The above mentioned examples can give you just a taste of all the water activities, that can be practised in Poland during your summer holidays. All of them will give you a great fun and relaxation. If any of the above mentioned examples caught your attention, feel free to contact one of ITS DMC Poland group advisors to plan an unforgettable stay in our still undiscovered by wide masses of tourists best destinations.


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 8.06.2021