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Zakopane is a gateway to the Polish Tatras. Tatra Mountains are alpine type of massifs with very high peaks that attract all types of tourist so, real masses arrive here every year. We have already published the trails for the beginners. It is the highest time we deal with trails for the advanced mountain lovers.

As this time we want to recommend trails not for everyone, it is good to say a few words about safety on the trail. First of all, thoroughly plan your trip to the mountains. Take the time to prepare basic information about travel times, difficulties, route description, return options, etc. Next, plan a route suitable for your abilities, weather conditions and the season. If you are planning a trip in a larger group, adjust the route to the weakest participant. It is crucial to have a phone with you (with a charged battery and protected against getting wet) with the appropriate emergency numbers: the international emergency number 112 and mountain emergency services in Poland TOPR / GOPR 985 or 601 100 300. When going on a hike, do not forget to inform your closest people about the planned route. Determine the so-called the alarm time ("0" hour), which is the time after which a competent person informs the emergency services about a possible problem. Take the first aid kit adapted to the planned trip. It is necessary to take individual medications (if any) in the case of allergy sufferers, diabetics, having problems with circulation, etc. Check the weather forecast before leaving. Check for avalanche danger messages. In the high parts of the mountains, such a danger may occur even in summer. Adjust the trip plan to the conditions. If storms are anticipated, it is best not to take the trip. A storm in the mountains is one of the most serious threats. Go to the mountains in the early morning. You must have adequate time reserve to return. Besides, bad weather and storms that are very dangerous in the mountains usually happen in the afternoon. Stick to the principle: “We go out together and we come back together! We do not split up during the trip”. Prepare the right equipment. First of all, shoes, especially if you are going to the higher parts of the mountains. Moreover, always have a covering with you (jacket, fleece, softshell, etc.) in case of rain and weather deterioration. Finally, take refreshments and beverages.

Zakopane trails for the advanced:

  1. Orla Perć
  2. Trail to Mięguszowiecką Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem
  3. Trail to Świnica Summit

Orla Perć

The route is a real challenge, you need to stay focused and be fit but the views and the satisfaction of overcoming your own weaknesses are priceless! Orla Perć provides outstanding views to 5 Ponds Valley (Polish: Dolina Pieciu Stawów) Orla Perć is a 3.3 or 5 kilometer route (depends on way of counting) that runs along the Tatra ridge between the Zawrat and Krzyżne passes. Usually, tourists are encourages by diversity of the trail. It is a road leading along the ridge itself, mainly over the peaks. There is undoubtedly something charming about it: a constant sense of height, majestic walls, landscapes changing like in a kaleidoscope. The climbe here is 90 m, the highest point is 2137 m above sea level. Orla Perć is considered the most demanding route in the Polish Tatras, so there are facilities in the form of clasps, chains and ladders for the climbers (remember that these are facilities for people who know how to use them). In addition, Orla Perć also tests your nerves, because during climbing, there is a chasm under your feet that can paralyze many tourists. In addition, on some sections of the trail, traffic only goes in one direction, which means that it is not possible to give up the further hike and return to the starting point.

Mięguszowiecką Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem (Mieguszowicka Pass)

The trail to the Mięguszowiecka Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem is another offer for tourists who are prepared for climbing challenges. The route starts at Morskie Oko, from where you have to go to the Czarny Staw under Rysy Summit. There the green trail starts leading straight to the Mięguszowiecka Przełęcz. The length of the trail is about 4 km and the tourists have to climb 915 m. The highest point of the rout is 2307 m above sea level. This is a very demanding trip, intended for people for whom the height is not an obstacle. There are many difficult approaches, such as Kazalnica, where you have to struggle not only with steep slopes, but also watch out for unstable rocks. Another demanding stage is the narrow path, popularly known as the Gallery, leading between chasms and cliffs. On the trail, tourists are helped by clamps placed at the most difficult passages. When planning an expedition, it is necessary to have good footwear, because in some places the rocks are slippery and sometimes also icy. The rote offers views both towards the remaining downwards Morskie Oko and Rysy (the highest Polish peak). The Mięguszowiecki Wielki Summit can also be seen from a different, interesting perspective. From Mięguszowiecki Kocioł (snow corry) climbers can see the magnificent rock cliffs. The area is filled with great rock debris and partly with snow. Even in the middle of summer, it happens that it will be necessary to cross a patch of snow. You should be very careful then, as accidents have happened here and it is easy to slide.

Świnica Summit

There are several routes to Świnica. Not all of them are difficult, but they are definitely not suitable for beginners. Steep approaches, rock climbing and slippery rocks underfoot are the main difficulties that you have to deal with. Additionally, reaching the summit requires some time and solid physical preparation. The route from Kasprowy Wierch is considered the easiest, so this is where you will meet the majority of tourists. A much more difficult option is the approach from Zawrat, requiring a climb on steep rocks and dealing with the presence of chasms and narrow passages. A trip from Zawrat to Świnica or vice versa is one of the most attractive routes in the Polish Tatras. Practically, all the way tourists are accompanied by technical difficulties and artificial insurance in the form of buckles and chains. It is necessary to climb 150 m here along 700 meters trail. So, despite the fact that Orla Perć actually leads from Zawrat to Krzyżne, the described section does not differ significantly from the most famous trail of the Tatra Mountains. Climbers can also get to Świnica from Hala Gąsienicowa. The route starts at Murowaniec mountain shelter and is the longest.

In Zakopane and the Polish Tatras all tourists can find something for themselves. Still, you have to remember that it is necessary to prepare well for the trips to make them as safe as possible. We always say that Tatras should evoke the deepest respect. Therefore, enjoy the area but stay safe all the time. If you would like to start your Tatras adventure, just contact one of ITS-Poland specialists , we will help you to organize your stay in Poland. 


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska