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Amusement, fun and theme parks are very popular attractions especially for school groups and travelling families. It is a fast growing branch of tourism in Poland. In this article we want to present top attractions of this type around Poland. Check how much fun they can give both for children and adults.


Amusement facilities in Poland can be divided into a few groups:


Amusement parks

This group is not very developed in Poland. Definitely the most interesting park of this type is located in Zator, not very far from Kraków. Some other examples include Sea Park in Sarbsk (sea theme), Nowa Holandia in Elbląg (canal theme), Themed Park Magiczne Ogrody (English Magical Gardens) in Janowiec, Rabkoland in Rabka-Zdrój, Twinpigs in Żory (America theme), Sabat-Krajno in Zagórze Krajno, Kolejkowo in Wrocław (railway theme), Karkonoskie Tajemnice (English: Karkonosze Mountains Mysteries) in Karpacz and Inwałd Park in Inwałd.

Jurassic parks

Jurassic parks have become very popular in Poland in the last few years. The main attractions here include life size figures of dinosaurs, fossil and mineral museums and other typical amusement park attractions. The biggest parks of this type can be found in Bałtów, Krasiejów, Łeba, Dinozatorland in Zator (with moving dinosaurs), Solec Kujawski, Rogowo. Some smaller parks are also located in Bydgoszcz, Malbork, Grudziądz, Nowiny Wielkie, Kołacianek, Sławutówko and Wasilków.

Miniatures parks

Miniatures parks give us opportunity to see many world famous and Polish attractions in a short period of time. They also allow to admire masterly done reconstructions of the most famous landmarks. Here is the list of the most interesting places of this type: Dream Park Miniatures and Dinosaur Park in Ochaby, Chełmno Park of all Teutonic knights castles in Poland, Hajnówka Park of wooden architecture of Podlasie region, Niechorze Park of Polish lighthouses, all miniatures of Polish lighthouses can also be seen in Sarbsk Park; Pobiedziska Park with monuments of Wielkopolska region and monuments connected with Polish nation creation (over 100 miniatures); Ogrodzieniec Park where tourists can find all castles of Eagle's Nests fortifications (Polish Orle Gniazda) and replicas of siege machines and towers; Miniatureland in Kłodzko, Baltic Miniature Park in Miedzyzdroje, Wadowice Miniatures Park, Dziwnów railway and buildings miniature park and finally Kaszuby Miniature Park in Straszyn Buda with over 60 miniatures of the most famous buildings in this region and in the world.


Poland has an interesting offer of aquaparks. Most of them are modern as they were built in the last 10 to 15 years. There are huge complexes and also smaller ones. The best aquaparks include: Suntago (the biggest aquapark in Poland, located near Warsaw), Termy Maltańskie (big thermal complex in Poznań), Sopot Aquapark, Reda Aquapark (both Sopot and Reda operate for Tri-city clients: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot); Łódź Aquapark, Wrocław Aquapark, Kraków Aquapark and huge thermal centres in Podhale region: Bukovina Thermal Resort, Bania Thermal Resort, Chochołów Thermal Resort and Szaflary Thermal Resort. Some nice and small aquaparks are also situated at the seaside such as Gryfino or Kołobrzeg aquaparks or Mazury region: Mikołajki Tropikana Aquapark.


Summing up, the base of amusement and theme parks is constantly growing. They are especially interesting due to the fact that they are fairly new and well maintained. They bring not only fun but also possibility of active relax and educational opportunities. It is really worth to include them in your trips no matter if you travel with children or not. ITS Poland DMC offers all type of services during group stays. Our experts will happily help you to plan optimal travel schedule.

Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 12:11.2020