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Unique and memorable Masuria is a top touristic destination in North-East Poland. There are many attractions and acitivities to be enjoyed, such as kayak trips, bicycle rides, wine tasing and bonfire nights. You will find here many possibilities to spend your free time while staying in one of the plenty hotels in the region, which you can book via Polish DMC agency.


Olsztyn and its area, situated at the centre of Masuria - a region which has unique and memorable landscapes - enchants tourists with the harmony of lakes, forests and fields. Towns are here a few kilometers apart from each other and welcome you to see many interesting places.

Olsztyn is a town with beautiful surroundings. It is famously know as the capital of the north-east part of Poland, the land of Thousand Lakes. Here you can sail, swim and rent boats or canoues.

Olsztyn is the capital of the Mazury with 170 thousand inhabitants. To visit here obligaroty is the planetarium that was was opened here to commemorate the 500th anniversary of birth of the most famous astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. He was also an administrator and the town commander.

Then go see also the castle in Olsztyn while staying here. It was built in the 14-th century and had one wing and a courtyard. t that time there lived circa one thousand people in Olsztyn and its area.

Following the highlights, the historic Old Town contains various historic buildings and monuments that await you to sightsee. It is easy to visit as well, as there is an airport that operates flights to London, Dortmund or Cracow.

Lidzbark Warmiński

It is a historical town located in Masuria, in northern Poland and the Masurian Lake District. It was originally a settlement of Old Prussians, but later it got conquered by the Teutonic Knights. A gothic castle awaits. Walking through the medieval building that was made with the intention to host the bishops of Warmia gives the atmosphere of the years 1350s and 1400s. The Teutonic Knights conquered and later lost the castle in 1466. After Partitions of Poland the castle hosted artistic life.Thus its interiors were decorated in different styles throughout the years. There are gothic, rococco and baroque styles. You must visit the Museum inside as well. Here to see as well : Orangery, medieval walls with towers and 16-th century High Gate. And then go to Warmia Hot Springs in Lidzbark Warmiński.

Warmia Hot Springs is a thermal facility located in northern Poland. It offers a rich Spa treat. It is an ideal place to relax. The complex consists of sporting and recreational areas, where you can take advantage of a range of aquatic facilities. There are swimming pools, multimedia slides with light and sound effects, hydro-massage, waterspouts and also a sauna area.

Mrągowo - Centre of Masuria and water sports

Every year the town hosts Country Music Festival with many attractions connected to folk music and cuisine. Mrągowo remains the biggest town of the area with a dense population, while being the regional center for economic business and tourism. It is a resort town in the Masuria, northeastern Poland and the capital of Mrągowo county. Top attractions are the Museum of Military Technology in Mragowo, Mrogoville with water and amusement park and a Show Garden with Butterfly House. Here you can see also the Museum of Mragowo region, that is connected to the culture of the region and its Polish strong traditions. The name of the town is settled after Krzysztof Mrongowiusz, a scholar who cherished the lanuage and culture of his forefathers under the Prussion opression.

The Land of Thousand Lakes awaits you with many water sports acitivities, like sailing, swimming and surfing, canoues and beatiful nature! You can book a trip here.

Author: Magdalena Gniot

Date: 23.10.2020