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Tracking the sea attractions in Poland tourists find, among many others, Hortulus gardens, Sarbsk, Dinosaur Park in Łeba. In the article below there are described chosen attractions of the region. Land by the sea offers many places to see and visitors can choose from many amazing sights near the seacoast.

The church ruins in Trzęsacz are 2 km from the seacoast. The gothic building was set on the highest hill of that time. Hundreds of years, gradually, land has been reclaimed by the Baltic sea absorbing it. In 18-th century the church on the cliff was only 50 m from the sea line and 100 years later the distance shortened to 5 m. Late 19-th century saw the church abandonment and all its decorations were moved to a cathedral in Kamień Pomorski. The process did not stop and first the corner of the building lost ground, only to have its entire northern wall fall into the sea. Piece by piece the ruins are being taken away by the sea. Present day guests can see the only one wall left. Wave after wave, the building vanishes.

Trzęsacz is connected with neighbouring sea resorts in Rewal and Niechorze. A narrow-gauge railway is an attraction in this area.

Hortulus Gardens in Dobrzyca is a complex of gardens created for over 25 years. It is a unique place for relaxation, entertainment and education.

The Gardens are located in Koszalin district. They are only 8 km from the shores of the Baltic Sea. This dendrological collection is a great way to spend a day.

The whole complex consists of two parts : Hortulus Thematic Gardens and Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens.

They are 2 km apart with the Hortulus Ornamental Plants Nursery in the middle.

Sea Park in Sarbsk is the first park in Poland connected to the flora and fauna of the seas. It covers the topics of culture and history of the Pomorze region.

It is an excellent place to get the knowledge by fun, so it is perfect both for children, as well as adults. Here kids can enjoy the playgardens and a wonderful seal centre awaits.

In the seal sanctuary there are four aquatic mammals: gray seal and harbor seal that are typical for the Baltic region plus South Amrican fur seal and the California sea lion.

Jumping out of the water, pirouettes, flapping the fin to the audience are just a few skills of marine mammals. Sea Park is a unique place, where tourists can see these intelligent animals from up close. The comfort of watching the water show is provided by viewing stands for nearly 1000 people. The performances take place several times a day. Feeding of the seals is also available to the view of the visitors.

Łeba Dinosaur Park is a family park. A visit here offers a fantastic adventure back to the Jurrassic Era. The park has three-dimensional, life-size reptiles.

A route full of adventures and attractions is provided that leaves unforgettable memories, especially of the little ones.

7D cinema with special effects, family slides and pontoons, a gold mine, an educational path about how life on earth formed, minigolf, Flintstones vehicles, a playground for little archaeologists, recreational fishery, train tracks with story routes for the youngest are all to be seen and enjoyed here by whole families.

Alex's farm is a family park focused on the fun for kids. Królikowo is a place where guests meet the rabbit Alex, whose name is the main topic of the entire park. Alex's Labyrinth is a place that is a great puzzle in the form of a maze in a cornfield. In order to get to know more about the life of Alex the Rabbit, you must see the Gardens with his favorite delicacies.

Labyrinth Park offers mazes and puzzles for people with good orientation in the field. The area of the park has ​​5,000 m2 and there is the largest natural labyrinth in Poland with viewing platforms and 5 bases to climb. A wooden stroller rental is offered for passing the maze with young children. If passing the maze turns out to be too difficult, maps are available. The maze can be complteted in about 20 minutes.

Boule is also offered here. It is a traditional French party game with arcade elements. The games are played on a grass-free.

Another attraction of the park is "The magic garden of large-format wooden games" with dozens of skill, logic and puzzles games, all in larger scale size. Fun and education for everyone is found here in the magic garden with games such as: Yenga, Collecting Buildings, Throwing bags into targets, Moving the ball on the strings or Billiards.

Mobile dunes are very popular with tourists on the Polish coast. They can be admired in Łeba, the place which history is associated with Słowińce peoples and Kashubians. Leba is nowadays famous for the proximity of quicksand dunes which create a beautiful desert landscape. It is a unique place in Europe, often called the Polish Sahara. The dunes derive from the marine sand and are white. Mobile sand dunes are a quite fascinating attraction and they are protected by the Slowinski National Park. 

A few kilometers from the Baltic and Ustka there is Dolina Charlotty Resort & SPA . It is surounded by forests and beautiful nature that helps visitors relax and spend wonderful time with friends. Here guests can also hold company meetings, taking advantage of the unique buildings placed on islands.

The proximity of nature with many attractions, such as Bali Hai Spa, make an unforgettable stay. Luxurious hotel rooms, enchanting Rybaczówka and charming treehouses await.

Puck is a lovely town set on the Puck Bay. Near the place there is a target of many pilgrimages to the Patron of the Fishermen, called the Sea Star, with a figurine which comes from the 15-th century. A Gothic brick church of St. Peter and St. Paul, parts of which date back to 14-th century, dominates the panorama in the town. Inside visitors can see paintings that are a few hundred years old. Rich decorations make the building quite interesting and there is also a preserved tomb chapel.

Reda Aquapark is a centre of family entertainment and offers a great way to spend wonderful family time.

Tropical accomodation zone is available for guests who want to stay overnight in the tropics.

Here visitors will find not only a water park but also sauna and SPA, attractions for groups and acommodation in rooms or tents.

Vikings and Slavs village on the Wolin Island offers active sightseeing and live history lessons for both children and adults.

Family friendly village welcomes guests via its entrance gate and lets people observe how previous cultures lived here ca. 1000 years ago.

Learning ancient crafts is a possibility for all those willing to get to know the ancient culture and ways of life.

The Underground City is an interesting site waiting for explorers of adventure.

The City is situated in Świnoujście , on the Wolin Island . It used to be a secret military facility. A network of underground corridors connects several unkers that are skillfully hidden under the coastal dunes. During WW II powerful cannons stood here protected by tons of concrete in order to defend the secret base in Świnoujście . After the war, the complex was rebuilt and the underground city was created. This was the plece of the Backup Command Post of the Polish Seaside Front. The buildings create an imaginery travel back in time today and help to understand the incredible history of the Cold war. The Underground City on the Wolin Island is a branch of the Museum of Coastal Defense in Świnoujście .

Poland's Seaside region is packed with attractions for those searching for relax and advantures as well. Tourists find here beautiful nature and historic sights too. The Batlic offers in addition panoramic views and all the little and bigger towns on the coast provide an abundance of places to visit and also adventures to enjoy.

Author: Magdalena Gniot

Date: 27.11.2020