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Holy Places

Jurassic Cracow-Częstochowa Region Highlights

1 day

Jurassic Cracow-Częstochowa region is famous for its fanciful rock formations and caves. Here apart from natural phenomena of Ojców National Park, tourist can also find the most important religious centre in Poland - Jasna Góra Monastery with mira...

Jewish Heritage in Cracow

1 day

Before WWII Cracow was a home of two influential and huge communities Polish and Jewish, sadly it is no longer the case. Still, it is a really magical experience to discover elements of Jewish culture and heritage still present in the city and its...

Christmas Magnetism of Kraków

3 days

Christmas period is magical for most of us but it is even more enchanting in historical Old Towns with Christmas markets in the main touristic routes. Immerse yourself in beautiful Christmas decorations, lights, scents of orange, ginger and fir tr...

Catholic Beating Heart of Poland

5 days

Kraków is not only a Mecca for tourists from all around the world craving to explore historical and cultural sights, a visit here perfectly depicts Polish religious life which is still very lively and famous among European nations. Kraków area is ...

Wrocław Highlights

5 days

Wrocław is the tourist capital of South-West Poland with more bridges than any city in Central Europe, the second largest market square, cathedral island coated in phenomenal architecture and UNESCO Centennial Hall. When we add that it is a home o...

Tatra Adventure

7 days

Tatra National Park is full of natural marvels. It is the most popular mountainous destination in the country, both during winter and summer seasons. It is unique when it comes to fauna and flora but you will also find here even more attractive ch...

Seaside Holidays in Tri-city Area (1 week sightseeing + 1 week relax)

14 days

Polish Baltic sea coast is famous for its sandy beaches, good hotels and delectable food. It also provides multitude of historical and cultural attractions. Check our mix holidays, first spend a week on sightseeing in Tri-city area to discover mar...

Gems of Poland

14 days

Poland a country in the Central Europe, 77th largest in the world with population of 38.5 mln. Most people live in large cities including the capital Warsaw, former capital Kraków, Tri-city agglomeration of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia), Poznań, Wrocł...

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