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Cracow the ancient seat of Polish kings and intelligentsia, a city of legend and myth that evokes the most fanciful of images, from dragons under the catacombs of Wawel, to Tartar hordes repelled at the gates, to pigeon-knights waiting for their king to return. Kraków’s postcard-perfect Old Town comes complete with Europe’s largest medieval market square and even fairy-tale Wawel Castle overlooking the river. Discover its main landmarks during one day full of beauty.

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Main Market Square Underground Museum

The exhibition presents the archaeological excavations which were conducted in the years 2005-2010. The archaeologists got as far as 5 meters below Cracow Main Market Square. Thanks to their work 11 000 exhibits were found. They are connected with door-to-door salt, lead and copper trade and ancient Cracow’s everyday life. All the exhibits with protected earth layers display the process of cultural layers earth formation. In the underground th...

Schindler’s Factory

The factory is a part of National Museum in Kraków and shows exhibition devoted to World War II. The place itself was popularized by 1993 film “Schinler’s List” by Stephen Spielberg picturing Oskar Schindler saving Jews during World War II. Tourists who come here from all around the world may see the exhibition “Cracow – times of occupation 1939-1945”. It tells the story of Polish, Jewish and German citizens in the occupied Cracow during World...

Dragon’s Den

A solutional, limestone cave under the Wawel hill. It is one of the most famous of Cracow’s attractions connected with the 13th century legend of Wawel Dragon. The legend has it that the Dragon would live in the cave and trouble Cracow’s folk. In 1972 to commemorate the creature a sculpture Wawel Dragon by Bronisław Chromy was placed at cave’s entry. The cave itself is 270 metres long, however the visitors may tour only 81 metres.

Smok Wawelski (The Dragon of Wawel)

If you are a fan of folk tales you definitely have to come visit the Dragon of Wawel. In short, it is a representation of a popular fairy tale dating back to 12th century about a dragon that lived in a den under the Wawel hill and a cunning cobbler who outsmarted all the knights trying to kill the dragon. Today, you will find a fire breathing sculpture right by the Vistula river bank and on the foothill of Wawel. Throughout the year the Dragon...

National Museum

The Cracow’s department of National Museum is the oldest national museum department in Poland. It was created in 1879 and nowadays it is the biggest museum in Poland taking into account the number of buildings (17), units (11) and exhibits (800 000). The specialties of the museum iare Polish arts and culture. Every year the museum is visited by 600 000 guests. The main building of the museum at Aleja 3 Maja has 3 galleries “Weapons and Coulour...

Princes Czartoryski Museum

The Princes Czartoryski Museum is one of the oldest in the country. Its roots date back to the 1796 collection by Princess Izabela Czartoryska, however, the museum itself was opened in 1878. The museum focuses its scope to the history of European painting of 13th-18th centuries, European and Islamic art and crafts up to 19th century. The most famous, as well as most valuable, of the exhibits on the display is the painting of Lady with an Ermin...

Tempel Synagogue

Tempel Synagogue is situated at 24 Miodowa Street, which is only 500 meters from the Old Synagogue at Szeroka Street. It is one of 4 synagogues in Kraków but services aren’t held hear on regular basis. The building was erected in 1860-1862 in a rectangle shape in a Mauritanian-Renaissance style. Later on the synagogue was rebuilt twice in 1883 and 1924. During World War II the Nazis devastated the building. After the war it become the synagogu...

Kupa Synagogue

Synagogue Kupa is located in the former Jewish quarter of Kazimierz in Kraków. The synagogue was founded in the 1640s from the kehilla fund and therefore it is called Kupa (the word "kupa" means fund). At present, the Kupa synagogue is the center of religious life in the Jewish community of Krakow. Every Shabbat service is held and on Friday evenings Shabbat dinners for members of the Commune. The Kupa Synagogue is also available for visitors.


Galicja restaurant is a Polish cuisine restaurant in Krakow. It is situated in bohemian Kazimierz District andhas been enjoying the interest of Polish and foreign customers since 1999. It specializes in affordable dishes for large organized groups. It is situated in famous old Jewish district of Krakow only 290 m from Remuh Synagogue. There are five rooms in the restaurant - three of them are in old cellar. The restaurant serves traditional Po...

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

Modern Art Museum MOCAK is situated at 4 Lipowa street, only 72 m from Schindler’s Factory Museum, as it is situated in the old halls of the factory. MOCAK was opened in 2011. Exhibitions of the museum concentrates on the newest modern art of the last 20 years. The context of the works of art in the museum is a post war avant-garde and conceptual art. Exhibition area is 4 thousand square meters, and the whole building has 10 thousand square me...

Home Army Museum in Kraków

The Home Army Museum was created in 2000. The Museum presents the origins of the Home Army, the Underground State and the lives of Polish soldiers on the fronts of World War II and after the war until today. The museum's collection consists of historical souvenirs donated by Home Army soldiers and their families, archival photographs and films. This museum exhibition is devoted to the Polish Underground State and its armed strength, which was ...

Vistula Boulevards

Vistula riverbed boulevards were built in early 20th century as part of flood management and to channelize Vistula’s flow. Historically, the shape of the riverbed was altered on many occasions. Today, the boulevards are a park and recreational area giving an opportunity for a pleasant stroll down the river, numerous cycle lanes for cycling enthusiasts and playgrounds for the children. You may also go on a cruise on one of the boats moored rig...


Cracow is magical city. I am very happy that I have chosen ITS Poland trip. I believe I saw everything that I have seen on Cracow photos only within one day. Still, it was packed with so much beauty that I will never forget it. Our guide Anna was so knowledgeable and funny. She is the best.

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I can see that you have 8 and 10 h sightseeing option. What does it depend on?

Actually it is your endurance. We can organise 8, 10 and even 12 h sightseeing but from our experience we know that majority of groups tend to order 8 to 10 h. This is why you see it in this offer. Our offer is always tailored made, if you do not see the option you are interested in and need modifications just contact us and we will prepare an alternative for you.

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