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Discover Poland and its main attractions in the biggest cities of Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the well known political, administrative and economical heart of the country. Kraków, the former capital is often called the cultural, historical and educational centre. Both these cities and their Old Towns are enlisted at the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. Finally, immerse yourself in Wrocław, the heart of high tech companies in Poland and the city of 1000 bridges.

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7 days / 6 nights

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All year

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3 cities, 3 towns

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6 nights
12 meals
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Airport and hotel for sightseeing trips

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Hotel, airport for departure

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- Language offered: English, German, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian and others on request

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Optional Excursions

POLIN Museum

Museum of the History of Polish Jews – it is a new, ultramodern cultural museum on the map of Warsaw. It is situated at 6 Mordechaja Danielewicza Street in the place which was former Jewish district and also later on Warsaw Ghetto. The museum is a place dedicated to all those who are interested in heritage of Polish Jews and it is a symbol of breakthrough in Polish-Jewish relations during 1000 years history from Medieval times up till now. It ...

Wrocław Dwarves

One of the most original Wrocław’s attractions are Dwarves. They started to show up at Wrocław’s streets in 2005 when a sculptor Tomasz Maczek designed first five figurines. Nowadays dwarves are designed by artists from all parts of Poland. Right now there are over 300 dwarves and their numbers are constantly growing. Dwarves become even Wrocław’s iconic symbols. Tourists and Wrocław’s inhabitants take part in special Dwarves trips. Once a yea...

Wrocław University Leopoldina Lecture Hall

Leopoldina Lecture Hall is a part of Wrocław University and it is the biggest and the most representational part of the main campus. It is often called a Baroque pearl as it is a very spectacular, secular monument of architecture created at the end of this period. The lecture hall as the whole building was erected in years 1728-1732 and was named after founder of the whole university Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I. The lecture hall itself as th...

Schindler’s Factory

The factory is a part of National Museum in Kraków and shows exhibition devoted to World War II. The place itself was popularized by 1993 film “Schinler’s List” by Stephen Spielberg picturing Oskar Schindler saving Jews during World War II. Tourists who come here from all around the world may see the exhibition “Cracow – times of occupation 1939-1945”. It tells the story of Polish, Jewish and German citizens in the occupied Cracow during World...

Main Market Square Underground Museum

The exhibition presents the archaeological excavations which were conducted in the years 2005-2010. The archaeologists got as far as 5 meters below Cracow Main Market Square. Thanks to their work 11 000 exhibits were found. They are connected with door-to-door salt, lead and copper trade and ancient Cracow’s everyday life. All the exhibits with protected earth layers display the process of cultural layers earth formation. In the underground th...


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Questions and answers

Would it be possible to visit Częstochowa Monastery instead of Moszna Palace?

Yes, of course we are open to suggestions. We can easily exchange Moszna with Czestochowa Monastery.

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