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Poland is located in the very centre of Europe. It’s the seventh biggest country on the continent. In this tour discover 8 great Polish cities, lots of historical monuments, natural wonders, magical castles, charming villages and much more. Create your own opinion about the country and its inhabitants. Immerse yourself in mesmerizing culture, history and natural environment during this extensive trip around Poland.

Number of days/duration

16 days/ 15 nights

Included meals

HB (15 breakfasts, 15 dinners)

Suggested dates

March - October

Number of cities/sights

9 cities

Group size

10 - 50

Trip pace


Free cancellation

Up to 30 days*


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What's included

15 nights
30 meals
Private coach transportation
Trip staff

local guides, museum guides

Entrance fees to

Racławice Panorama, Książ Castle, Świdnica Peace Church, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden, Wrocław National Museum, Wrocław University Leopoldina Lecture Hall, Royal Palace City Museum, Auschwitz, Dunajec Gorge, Wieliczka Salt Mine, St. Mary's Basilica, Wawel Castle, Synagogues: Old, Remuh, Tempel, High, Galicja Museum, Schindler's Factory, Zalipie Village, Palace of the Culture and Science, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Royal Bath Palace and Park, Wolf's Lair, Mamerki bunkers, Olsztyn Castle, St. Mary's Church, Cruise Gdańsk - Westerplatte - Gdańsk, Malbork Castle, Vinegard in Topolno, Live Gingerbread Museum, Gniezno Cathedral, Poznań Cathedral

Pickup place

Airport and hotels for sightseeing trips

Drop off place

Hotel, airport for departure

Language offered

English, German, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian and others on request

Mobile & printed vouchers accepted
Trip type

Round tour

Not included

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Optional Excursions

Afrykarium (Wrocław zoo)

Africarium is a part of Wrocław zoo. It was opened in 2014. It is the first oceanarium in Poland and the only one in the world that is devoted to fauna and flora of only one continent. The name of the unit came from coinage of two words Africa and aquarium giving a huge insight into what the whole enterprise is about. Giving some basic numbers, Africarium has 15 000 000 litres of water, there are 21 pools and aquariums where visitors can admir...


Hydropolis is a high-tech multimedia museum dedicated to water. Divided into eight thematic parts and started off with a short 360-degree film which takes you from the Big Bang to nucleosynthesis to the formation of planets to the origin of Earth's aqua, Hydropolis is a friendly-for-all-ages discovery zone where visitors can peek at creatures found in a drop of water, spin an Archimedes' screw, sit in a replica of the Trieste bathyscaphe, whic...

Niedzica Castle

Castle in Niedzica is situated about 1 h drive from Zakopane (about 45 km) and 2 h drive from Kraków (113 km). The stronghold is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty of hills and Czorsztyn artificial lake. The construction of the castle started about the 14th century. Today the castle has museum, hotel, conference centre and restaurant functions. The main attraction of it is an interesting architecture. In the museum part tourists can vi...

Frédéric Chopin Museum

Frédéric Chopin Museum – with seat in Ostrogski Palace. The founder of the museum, Frédéric Chopin Institute, began collecting exhibits as early as 1943. Today, the museum has over 5,000 of them. The Chopin museum itself was opened in 1955. Among museum collections there are numerous manuscripts, printouts, iconographic sets and other Frédéric Chopin memorabilia. Foto. M. Czechowicz / NIFC

Wilanów Palace

The Wilanów Palace, together with its garden, is one of the most beautiful objects of its type in Poland. Baroque palace and the meticulously designed surrounding gardens, situated at the end of the Royal Road and built for the king John III Sobieski, are filled with Polish as well as European culture. Wilanów hosts many exhibitions and concerts, including the International Summer Early Music Academy. The Wilanów Palace also houses one Poland’...

Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Uprising Museum is located just 3 kilometres from the Royal Castle. The museum was opened in 2004 and is situated at 79 Grzybowska Street. The main aim of the museum is to provide documentation and present history of Warsaw uprising during the Second World War and activities of Polish Underground State. The exhibition shows everyday life and fights during Nazi occupation and the fate of the insurgents during communist regime in People’s...

Muzeum Stutthof w Sztutowie (Stutthof Extermination Camp Museum)

Sztutowo (Stutthof) is a small town about 65 km from Gdańsk in which during WWII there was a German Nazi extermination camp. The museum was created in 1962 thanks to former prisoners actions. In the area of about 20 hectares, visitors can see part of the Old Camp, the gas chamber, the reconstructed crematorium, the commanding officer headquarters and garages, the garden and greenhouses areas and the monument commemorating camp victims. The cam...

Europejskie Centrum Solidarności (European Solidarity Centre)

European Solidarity Center filled in and developed the place of “Roads to freedom” exhibition. The exhibition and the newly built museum are really impressive. The museum chambers are filled in with historic exhibits, modern multimedia equipment and artistic installations all about Polish aspirations to be a free country at the end of the 20th century. It is not a quiet place as while walking from exhibit to exhibit we can hear real historic r...


The tour was excellent and the service was perfect! The local tour guides were great, very knowledgeable. A very worthwhile tour. I definitely recommend this trip and this company!

Questions and answers

Do I need any special clothing for the tour?

It is good to have worm clothes for Dunajec Gorge Rafting and Wieliczka sightseeing. The constant temperature in the mine is 14-16 Celsius degrees. Apart from that good walking shoes or sneakers are enough.

How do I find a driver at the airport?

It’s very easy to spot our drivers, holding placards in the arrival hall with the name of the group on it. We will also give you the driver's telephone number just in case of any emergency.

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