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Poland a country in the Central Europe, 77th largest in the world with population of 38.5 mln. Most people live in large cities including the capital Warsaw, former capital Kraków, Tri-city agglomeration of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia), Poznań, Wrocław, Katowice and Łódź. You will see most of the cities in this list but also discover smaller towns and countryside areas. Make up your own opinion about the country and its inhabitants. Immerse yourself in mesmerizing culture, history and natural environment during this extensive trip around Poland. Let yourself fall in love in this surprising part of the world.

Number of days/duration

14 days / 13 nights

Included meals

HB (breakfast, dinner)

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April - October

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What's included

13 nights
26 meals
Private coach transportation
Trip staff

tourguide and local guides for sightseeing

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Viewing Decko of Palace of Culture and Science, Willanów Palace and Gardens, Royal Baths Complex, Warsaw Rising Museum, Treblinka Nazi German Concentration Camp Memorial, Białowieża National History Museum, Białowieża National Park, European Bison Centre, Mikołajki cruise, Ryn Castle, Lidzbark Warmiński Castle, Elbląg Canal Cruise, Sopot Pier, Malbork Castle, Live Gingerbread Museum, Gniezno Cathedral, Poznań Cathedral, Palm House, Racławice Panorama, Leopoldina Lecture Hall, Świdnica Peace Church, Książ Castle, Moszna Palace, Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi-German Concentration Camp Museum, Wieliczka Salt Mine.


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Airport and hotel for sightseeing trips

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Hotel, airport for departure

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English, German, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian and others on request

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Round tour

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General conditions and customs

- Smoking is prohibited in all our vehicles.

- Eating is prohibited in all our vehicles.

- Tips are not mandatory but of course welcome in restaurants.

- During church visits bathing suits and very short miniskirts are not permitted.

Optional Excursions

Frédéric Chopin Museum

Frédéric Chopin Museum – with seat in Ostrogski Palace. The founder of the museum, Frédéric Chopin Institute, began collecting exhibits as early as 1943. Today, the museum has over 5,000 of them. The Chopin museum itself was opened in 1955. Among museum collections there are numerous manuscripts, printouts, iconographic sets and other Frédéric Chopin memorabilia. Foto. M. Czechowicz / NIFC

POLIN Museum

Museum of the History of Polish Jews – it is a new, ultramodern cultural museum on the map of Warsaw. It is situated at 6 Mordechaja Danielewicza Street in the place which was former Jewish district and also later on Warsaw Ghetto. The museum is a place dedicated to all those who are interested in heritage of Polish Jews and it is a symbol of breakthrough in Polish-Jewish relations during 1000 years history from Medieval times up till now. It ...

Royal Castle

The Royal Castle, located in the very heart of Warsaw, is the last seat of Polish monarchs. Its history goes as far as the 14th century, when the Great Tower was built. The majority of work dates back to the late 16 and 17 centuries. Despite of numerous adversities, including the partitions of Poland and almost complete destruction during World War II, the Royal Castle is still open to the public. Various exhibitions and works of art can be se...

Palmiry National Memorial and Museum

Palmiry National Memorial and Museum is highly recommended as the forest outside Warsaw significantly ups the standard for how a small exhibit can pack a huge punch. A little history: during World War II the forests of Palmiry and Kampinos became a refuge for those fleeing the destruction in Warsaw (many Home Army soldiers regrouped in the woods). It also became the site for 21 separate mass executions performed by German soldiers against 1,70...


One of the best-preserved complexes of German bunkers from the Second World War islocated in Mamerki on the Masurian Canal. The complex includes a"giant" bunker, whose walls and ceilings are 7 meters thick. Corridors and shelter interiors are undamaged and accessible to tourists. Descents to the canals and the entire 30-meter underground tunnel connecting bunkers number 28 and 30 in "City of Brigid" have survived. The Germans did not manage t...

Wolf's Lair

Wolfsschanze (Wolf’s Lair is located in Polish Lake District Mazury in small settlement Gierłoż about 36 km from Mrągowo (about 40 min drive) and 96 km from Olsztyn (about 1.5 h drive). In years 1941-1944 it was the headquarters of Adolf Hitler. This town camouflaged in the forest consisted about 200 buildings including bunkers, barracks, 2 airports, a railway station, a power plant, an air-conditioning facility, a water supply system and a th...

Lion Galeon cruise

Lion Galleon is a ship which is stylized on Polish galleons from the 17th century. During cruises on board of the ship, according to cruise trail choice, tourists can admire Gdańk Shipyard, a repair shipyard, docks, a harbor, Wisłoujście Stronghold, Westerplatte or Gdańsk Bay. During the trip tourists also listen to a guide talking about Gdańsk history and its monuments. The cruises are available from April till October. Standard cruise takes...

Folklore show

Polish folklore combines the tradition and culture of our country. The performance of the folklore group is a combination of unique dances, singing and colourful folk costumes. The band consists of professional musicians and a pair of dancers. During the show you will be able to take an active part in both dancing and singing folk songs.

Vodka Tasting

Polish vodka holds great mysteries and curiosities! Take an extraordinary journey with this iconic Polish product! Polish Vodka is famous for its outstanding taste, quality and diversity. It is worth highlighting that Polish Vodka has also been enlisted at prestigious European Protected Geographical Indication Product List. During our tasting show you will taste for example: Żytnia (traditional rye Vodka), Piołunówka (Absinth), Cherry Liqueur,...

Wine Workshops and Tasting

We invite all groups to the picturesque Kraków’s winery. The event takes 1.5-2 h and the winery accepts groups up to 50 people. A visit to Winnica Srebrna Góra is associated with visiting its area, combined with a lecture and tasting of 5 wines in the enotourism pavilion at the foot of winery. The Srebrna Góra vineyard is located in Krakow, at the foot of the Camaldolese monastery in Bielany district. It is one of the largest vineyards in Pola...

Żuraw, Gdańsk (Crane, Gdańsk)

Located in the very centre of Gdańsk on the river Motława. This wooden port crane is part of National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. The crane is first mentioned in documents as old as 1367. This one, however, was built between 1442 and 1444 and was used to load goods, beer mainly, on ships cruising Vistula river. Tourists may visit three exhibitions, one on each floor, as well as admire the lifting mechanism.

Dwór Artusa (Artus Court)

It is one of the most recognisable buildings on Długi Targ street, where the first tenement houses date back to Middle Ages. It is situated by 44 Długi Targ Street and in front of this building we will also find one of the best well known Gdańsk’s landmarks Neptune Fountain. Originally the building was erected in 1348-1350 and its golden age was in the 16th and 17th century. During its history it was a place of gatherings, society meeting cent...

Bazylika Mariacka w Gdańsku (St. Mary’s Church)

It is one of the most recognisable buildings in Gdańsk. With its sheer size it is towering over the old town. Its full name reads Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Basilica was built between 1346 and 1506 in Gothic form. In its history, it was both catholic and protestant church. Today the visitors may marvel on the Middle-age décor of the interior.

Zamek w Kwidzynie (Kwidzyn Castle)

Kwidzyn Castle construction started in 1233 but between 16th up to 19th century some major construction works took place to change the original design. The buildings is the cathedral and castle group. One of the best well known element of the castle are unique latrines which may be slightly funny but the construction is really impressive. Right now apart from medieval form of the castle tourists can admire exhibitions about archaeology, ethnog...

Afrykarium (Wrocław zoo)

Africarium is a part of Wrocław zoo. It was opened in 2014. It is the first oceanarium in Poland and the only one in the world that is devoted to fauna and flora of only one continent. The name of the unit came from coinage of two words Africa and aquarium giving a huge insight into what the whole enterprise is about. Giving some basic numbers, Africarium has 15 000 000 litres of water, there are 21 pools and aquariums where visitors can admir...

Old Jewish district of Kazimierz

The Jewish people have always played an important role in the history of Krakow and Kazimierz and its Jewish population have always played an important role the history of Krakow and have had a great impact on regional economy as well as culture. Kazimierz, that is known as a district of Krakow, used to be a stand-alone city. It was granted city rights in early 14th century, not too long after Jews in the Kingdom of Poland received numerous ri...

Schindler’s Factory

The factory is a part of National Museum in Kraków and shows exhibition devoted to World War II. The place itself was popularized by 1993 film “Schinler’s List” by Stephen Spielberg picturing Oskar Schindler saving Jews during World War II. Tourists who come here from all around the world may see the exhibition “Cracow – times of occupation 1939-1945”. It tells the story of Polish, Jewish and German citizens in the occupied Cracow during World...

St. Mary’s Basilica

St. Mary’s Basilica in Kraków is one of the biggest and after Wawel Cathedral the most important church in Kraków. St. Mary’s Basilica is a Gothic church built in the 14th and 15th centuries. Since the end of the 15th century it has had a famous late Gothic sculpture masterpiece the Great Altar by Wit Stwosz. Tourists not only admire a grand scale of this building and the altar piece but also its rich ornaments, polychrome decorations and stai...

Collegium Maius

It is the oldest Polish university and also one of the oldest universities in the word. It was established on the 12th of May in 1364. The golden age of Collegium Maius was in the 15th and 16th century. A great number of Polish best well known scholars studied and taught at this university, among others Nicolaus Copernicus and many western European professors. Having the Collegium, Cracow became even the important centre of alchemy sciences. N...

Royal Wawel Castle

It is the old residence of Polish kings situated in the heart of Cracow at Wawel Hill which is a Jurassic limestone rock rising at the left bank of the Vistula (Wisła) river. During the first Polish kings reigns from Piast dynasty Wawel was one of the first royal abodes. In 14th century when Kuyavia Ladislas the Short (Władysław Łokietek) was crowned and moved to Wawel, this is how the new royal headquarters was established. The golden age of ...

Old Synagogue

The Old Synagogue is currently a branch of Kraków City’s Museum and is situated in the very heart of Kraków’s Kazimierz at 24 Szeroka Street. It is one of the oldest buildings of this type in Poland and in Europe. It was built in the second half of the 15th century. Unfortunately, during its history it has burnt a few times. Still, the most tragic period was of course the World War II when the Nazis devastated the building completely. It wasn’...

Remuh Synagogue

It is the only active synagogue in Krakow. The synagogue is situated in the old Jewish Kraków district – Kazimierz, at 40 Szeroka Street. The building was erected in the Renaissance style. It is the only synagogue in the city which has regular religious services and it is the second oldest synagogue in Kraków. Remuh with its cemetery are a unique Jewish, architecture complex from the 16th century. The construction of the synagogue started in 1...


The best tour you can have. So surprising. I have never knew that Poland is such a modern and beautiful country. The biggest surprise ever!
Thank you for the great tour of Poland. We really enjoyed the country and the tour. Our tour guide Barbara was fab! So funny and knowledgeable and also punctual and friendly. The hotels you provided were excellent. We were usually able to sightsee some more to get the feel of the cities in the evenings as our hotels were at the doorsteps of the old towns. I love Polish restaurants and cafes and everything is so cheap. The tour excelled our expectations. We plan to use ITS Poland in the future and we will recommend Poland to all our friends.
Thank you for an absolutely amazing time! We could not have had a better time anywhere. Our tour guide Anna was the best! I really fell in love with that woman. She is such a gentle, kind and caring soul. I am truly missing her already. Our driver Kuba could not have been more kind. Thank you very much for all the memories we made and for everything you promised us and some!

Questions and answers

What hotel standard do you usually use?

In majority we use 3 star hotels. Sometimes 4 star ones as well.

Is it possible to order the tour on Chinese?

Yes, we can provide a Chinese tour leader and translator wherever and whenever needed.

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